Other Costs & Equipment

As you progress there will be other costs involved and equipment needed. A summary of these follow:


Testing is part of the aikido curriculum and an important part of the mind, body, spirit growth process. As you progress you will be expected to test in accordance with standards set forth by Shihan Koji Yoshida Sensei and approved by Hombu Dojo. Testing is under the supervision of Nishikaze Aikido Society of America. There are six kyu ranks before shodan (first black belt level). There are minimum attendance requirements plus certain skills and techniques required for each level. The fee for each of these kyu rank tests is $45


Training with weapons is an integral part of Nishio Aikido. We use the bokken (wooden sword), jo (staff), tanto (wooden knife), and Iaito (practice sword made like a real samurai sword but without the sharp cutting edge) in our training. These pieces of equipment, though not required to initially start practice, do need to be purchased eventually. The costs of these items will vary greatly with the quality purchased and the supplier. Speak with Sensei to discuss the best timing for you to obtain these items and the quality that is right for your situation.


The dogi (or gi) is the white uniform, both top and bottom, that you must wear for each class and may be obtained as part of your sign up fees if you do not already have one. The gi must be kept clean and in good repair and will need to be replaced once it is worn out. The hakama (traditional Japanese pants) may be worn by any student during Iaido class, and is necessary in Iaido once you get your Iaito sword. However, in Aikido the hakama is reserved for those students who have achieved black belt rank.


As part of our development it is essential that we seek out and experience instruction from advanced teachers of Aikido. We endevour to regularly invite senior instructors to our dojo for teaching and student development seminars. There is an additional cost involved in these seminars ranging from $70 to $100.
Students are also highly encouraged to participate in as many aikido seminars outside of our dojo as possible!